Artist Statement



When first encountering Adam Krueger's work, it is only natural to become engrossed with the innovative trompe-l'oeil installation and his technical mastery of flesh and figuration. Unfortunately, rarely does Krueger's introspective subject matter receive the consideration it deserves. Each work is a complex illustration of the artist's psychological state, told self-consciously through a female model in a beguiling physical state. Each subject is decidedly contemporary in nature, exploring notions such as race, sexuality, vanity and class in a manner that is indicative of the current moment in culture.
- Eric Gleason, Sales Director, Marlborough Gallery, NY.

- Adam Krueger

Adam Krueger applies his masterful handling of realist painting to create highly sexual tableaus of women participating in bizarre acts of self-display. A nude woman with her vagina removed and an extra tall woman with her perfectly made paper shoe on a pillow at her feet are the over the top confections that Krueger has dreamed up. The effect is dazzling, funny and one of a kind.
- Wallace Whitney of Canada Gallery

Krueger's work is like a haunting whisper. It takes a moment to move past the ethereal beauty of Krueger's paintings to see the dismal, if not ominous, tone his images elicit. His paintings meld to the wall, absorbing the surface of the space into an organic element of the work itself. By playing with negative space and subtractive compositions-in effect by denying the viewer of his scene's entirety-Krueger creates a world both autonomous and boundless. His paintings become installations, sculptures, and a new way of experiencing art altogether.

The artworks themselves exude a sexuality that is at once aggressive, self-aware, and uncompromising. The nudity within Krueger's work can be a metaphor for self-love, narcissism and self-glorification, while at the same time and at the other end of the spectrum, it also represents loneliness, self-consciousness and insecurity. Krueger is creating distraction via beauty. It is impossible to avoid the vulnerability that's behind that. Things that present themselves powerful actually have weaknesses.
- Missy Hernandez, The Columbia Spectator