Better Verdion of Me (Punch you in the Head)

The Canal Chapter and East Pleasant Pictures are pleased to present the works of Ron Beach Jr. and Adam Krueger in “Better Version of Me.” As painters, Beach and Krueger push past the norm, opting out of the canvas on stretcher on wall presentation and transforming whatever environment their artwork inhabits into an integral part of the works themselves. For this particular show, the process of this transformation, the installment of the exhibit, has been open to the public during regular gallery hours.

Partnering with Xander Strohm, Damien Drake, and East Pleasant Pictures, the artists have been chronicling the progress and pitfalls encountered in putting this show together. As can be expected from minds like these, nothing is quite as it seems. The film blurs the line between what is real and what is not, questioning the importance of the art versus the “art star” and where our priorities lie within the deluge of pop culture that has invaded the artworld. To view the film episodes, visit

As artists, Beach and Krueger create their own rules. In lieu of standard methods of advertisement, they have adopted a guerilla style promotional campaign. Using a large format projector, the world’s largest projector, Beach and Krueger annexed the sides of several buildings in the city, forcing their ad posters on a countless number of unsuspecting New Yorkers.

Though painting, installation, sculpture, film, and performance are all used in this multi-media exhibition, the show is more so a complex conceptual piece. Ego is to art what truth is to satire. It is irrevocably present. But when one overshadows the other, when art disappears beneath the shadow of artist, there are necessary repercussions.

3B Group